What is going on…Why My House Won’t Sell?

Do you have a house that JUST WON’T SELL?

And yet you ported in Craigslist, Facebook and other 100 sites,  and when you see the news saying the real estate market is stable and going up. The media is practically shouting about multiple offers, high demand, and record-setting prices. But your house WON’T SELL and your frustration grows and grows and grows. 

So where’s your contract??

These tips could be just what you need to help you Sell your SALT LAKE CITY Home.

Why won’t my house sell??

Check these 6 Tips!!

1) Get Serious Help.

Lack of knowledge or Real Estate Agents,  that don’t have enough experience and “Wannabe’s” investors that they “Claim” know Everything about Real Estate.

They’re getting hit hard from Government Agencies, regulations in different States, Etc. A great percentage of those “Wannabie’s Investors” with a degree from YOUTUBE REAL ESTATE INVESTOR SCHOOL VIDEOS. I can’t tell you the “Questions that these kids ask in Facebook Realtors / Investors groups” I see the common question: I HAVE A CONTRACT WITH A HOME SELLER NOW WHAT I DO,  SERIOUSLY?  The result of these unscrupulous “WANNABE’S REAL ESTATE INVESTOR’S” is causing more damage than helping homeowners in REAL DISTRESS SITUATIONS. We recommend you, do your OWN DUE DILIGENCE. If you want great results, WORK WITH PROFESSIONALS with 13 years of experience.

2) Don’t make too many improvements.

Too often we see over-improved properties – those where the owners have gone too far. Even with the best of intentions, exceptional craftsmanship and true artistic talent, it’s incredibly challenging to exceed what the market is paying. Plus, most buyers want to add their own custom touches. Get rid of all the clutter and “THINK NEUTRAL”. Your colors taste for the interior and exterior paint, carpet, cabinets, etc. Are no the same for the future HOME BUYER. Please, DO NOT DESTROY WALLS, DOORS, CABINETS, FLOORING, ETC. You won’t believe what we see on the daily basis, a lot of homeowners “UNDER A SPECIAL SITUATION” they think if I have to left my house behind, I’ll destroy the most I can;  so no one wants to live here. 

3) Do the necessary improvements.

Unfixed stuff scares buyers. Show that you’ve been a responsible property owner and get all the little details fixed. This goes a long way towards establishing confidence that they’re making a good purchase.

4) Style and design matters.

Curb appeal is as important as the inside – so don’t neglect one part of the property to improve the other. Give buyers a good impression of great style. Paint the walls, update the landscaping, and most of all – KEEP IT CLEAN.

5) Pricing matters a lot.

If you’re getting a lot of showings but not “OFFERS”, you might not be too far off in price. If your best efforts to advertise your property aren’t making the phone ring, you’re probably “OVERPRICED”.

6) Every property “SELL” – eventually.

There’s no magic formula – but there’s no substitute for EXPERIENCE.

If you HAVE TO SELL a house in Salt Lake City and neighboring areas, we can help you.

We buy Salt Lake City houses.

We buy properties like yours from people who really need to sell fast and they are coming from different circles of life.  

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