The aftermath of the damages when the “Renter’s” leave the property sometimes can be VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE REPAIRS!!

We’ll take your Real Estate issues off your hands for Free and PAY THE DEBTS & HANDLE ALL THE PAPERWORK at no cost to you and you can “WALK AWAY FROM THIS NIGHTMARE”

@@@ The property is causing you problems, more than satisfaction?

@@@  You have ENOUGH DEALING with your renters?

@@@  You need to do a lot of repairs and you don’t have the money $$$$ to do the repairs or simply YOU DON’T WANT TO SET A FOOT IN THAT PROPERTY NEVER AGAIN? 


Working with a Real Estate Agent during a traditional house Selling:

Commissions Seller paid 6% on average
Closing Cost Seller paid up to 3% on average
During the property Inspection and Buyer’s Financing Contingency, some deals don’t go through
An appraisal is needed it almost 90 % of the time.
Average days on the market 90 days.

Working with Bricor Investments:
We won’t be able to offer you full retail value for your house, but you can reach other benefits.
NO Commissions
NO Closing Cost
NO Financing issues
NO Appraisal
NO Repairs
WE CLOSE when you ready..
Compare and Decide.

Bricor Investments