Are you currently in the foreclosure process? 

Did you ask yourself if it could be possible to sell your house during the process?  

We received this question ALL THE TIME from homeowner facing FORECLOSURE. To answer this question, we explain that it can be a difficult process.  After all, we have to deal with a “BANK” and sometimes those entities are not very friendly as you can imagine. 

But with us, Location Utah Home Buyers since we pay CASH, in ANY condition and ANY situation for your house. We present you an offer, before the bank forecloses on your house and takes back the property. We take care of the FORECLOSURE situation and THE HOUSE off of your hands, and you can WALK AWAY from this NIGHTMARE.  

just give us a call (801) 450.5963 or visit our website and to assist you, during this difficult time. But remember, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE that means YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION TODAY!

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!  Don’t get hooked to other so-called “We Buy Houses Companies” who claim they can buy your home in Utah in 7 days. Don’t believe the hype because it’s not true.  It typically takes 30 + days. That’s why it’s beneficial to work with a trusted local home buyer. We are experienced and local real estate professionals committed to fulfilling our clients’ needs rapidly while making the process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

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